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Habitat for Humanity Vermilion is a Project Committee of the Lloydminster Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing organization.
Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with people in need to build and renovate decent, affordable housing. The houses are then sold with no interest charged.
Our goal is to provide families in need a "hand-up" not a "hand-out".

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Letter to The Editor

Attached is a letter to the editor in regards to the November 16th edition of The Vermilion Standard.

Dear Editor,

I would like to express our disappointment and frustration with the latest Habitat for Humanity article in The Vermilion Standard entitled “Habitat Delays Leave Family In Limbo.”  I would like to begin by adding several important points to the story that were not included in the article; the exclusion of which places the implications out of context.  First, it is not our delays that have left our Partner Family in limbo.  Our partner family had to, unfortunately, move out of their former residence prematurely.  Until recently, we had not given an exact completion date and even still, we have not instructed Dawn to give her notice with her current landlord.  Additionally, Dawn is still working on her volunteer hours and, therefore, even if the house was already complete, she would not be able to move in until her hours are fully completed (which is her down payment).

Second, the lack of context in the article about our drywall completion places unnecessary and unfortunate connotations upon our amazing contractors.  The complete story is that HammerTime Contracting had already completed the upstairs drywall with professional skill and timing and generously donated their time to do so.   We are very grateful for the work HammerTime has done.  Our hope was to find someone to lead a team of volunteers to complete the basement drywall, but we could not find a suitable experienced volunteer to lead the many volunteer laborers we had willing to work on this project.  After a couple of weeks seeking a volunteer head drywaller for the basement, we contracted HammerTime and they graciously and professionally completed the drywall promptly.  Once again, we are very grateful for everything that HammerTIme and our other local contractors have brought to this project.

We began construction in the Spring and are currently in the final push for occupancy.  We are working on finishing flooring, installing interior doors, trim, cabinetry, etc. with the hope of having our family in their new home by Christmas.  

We continue to be amazed at the generosity of our community and trust that you, the community, will continue to support this great project as we look forward to building more houses in the future.

Once again, we want to express our tremendous gratitude to our local contractors, donors, volunteers, etc. who play such an important and vital part in this project.  They are phenomenal and a project like this would not be the same without them.  Thank-you for your continued support.

Bryce Ashlin-Mayo
Project Chair
Habitat for Humility Vermilion