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Habitat for Humanity Vermilion is a Project Committee of the Lloydminster Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing organization.
Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with people in need to build and renovate decent, affordable housing. The houses are then sold with no interest charged.
Our goal is to provide families in need a "hand-up" not a "hand-out".

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Build

Habitat for Humanity, Vermilion Build, is thankful to the Vermilion and area community who helped raise around $6000 last Saturday in the Stadium parking lot.  Webb’s Ford Sales had a number of staff members in attendance assisting the Habitat volunteers to run the test drive.  Drivers had the choice of 10 different vehicles to try out.  Ford Canada will be sending Habitat $20 for every person that filled the form in correctly for the test drive.
What a great way to kick-start the fund raising for a new build!  There are many families in Vermilion who are in need of decent, affordable housing and Habitat can help by building a house which a partner family can acquire by contributing sweat equity in the build or in approved community volunteer projects as a down payment, and then subsequently they will have an interest-free mortgage with Habitat. 
Because the Provincial government has cut their funding from $90 000 for our first build to $30 000 for this build, we have a mountain to climb.  With the funds we have right now we are purchasing the lot (across the back alley from Rona, next to apartments) and paying for the utilities to be brought to the lot.  We need to raise at least $60 000 just to be able to put in the basement and build the shell. 
 If you can contribute money or time, it would be much appreciated by the planning committee.  For the last build we were very fortunate that companies like the Western Financial Group, Devon and Enermark were able to contribute large amounts to the project. If you work for a company that donates dollars to projects such as Habitat, your assistance in accessing funds would be appreciated.   Many organizations in Vermilion hosted events donating the profits to Habitat.  You might be curious about where contributions came from.  For the first build about $100 000 was raised from these donors:
5 churches donated between $250 and $12000
Private Individuals donated a total of $9 000
Gifts-in-kind – which were gifts of skilled work  totaled $11 000
16 Fundraisers hosted by various groups and businesses totaled $15 500 (from $160 to $3 246)
2 Schools and a 4H club raised $2609
2 Banks donated/raised $2000
3 large corporations Devon, Western Financial, Enermark totaled $30 000
17 business donated a total of $15 100
3 Service clubs donated $6 180

We were particularly impressed with the enthusiasm of volunteers. Of special note were our skilled trade persons and the Fire School students who volunteered in droves.

We need to keep the ball rolling.  Once we have built a few homes, the mortgage payments will also make a dent in funding subsequent builds.

Secure housing allows a family to deal with other challenges of life.  Your gift to Habitat keeps on giving as homes are purchased. Habitat retains the right of first refusal should an owner decide to sell and move so these homes will always go to families who need a hand up. 

Please commit to assisting our second build.  Donations may be dropped off at the Stewart Realty Building (Eleanor), to any Habitat committee member, or at the Town Office.  Volunteers can register by phoning Irene at 780 853 2880